Lagotronics Projects delivers world’s first Farm Fair GameChanger!

Geplaatst op: 19 juni 2018

Lagotronics Projects delivers world’s first Farm Fair GameChanger!

The world premiere of a revolutionary 4D rotating darkride has just taken place. The Farm Fair GameChanger is officially open for guests at Family theme park Bayern Park (Germany). The ride is called Stadlgaudi 4D!

“We are very proud to have world’s first rotating interactive darkride, completely designed in a great farm theme. The first reactions and findings of both visitors and park operator are promising…”

Silke Holzner, managing director at Bayern Park

Let the Farm Fair begin!
The ride offers huge capacity of guests in a relatively small area. And still, riders get a true darkride experience. Even before starting the ride, guests will already get curious in the queuline. What is going on in that barn in the middle of the night? It seems like three farm friends are secretly discussing their nefarious plans to organize a big Farm Fair… However, they can’t do this without the help of the other farm animals. Horse, Cat and Rooster decide to ask visitors to wake them all up! Let the Farm Fair begin!

Play amazing farm-games
Once you step into the vehicle on a rotating platform, you are part of the Farm Fair. After every turn, you get to play amazing farm-games, trying to hit as many targets as you can with your carrot cannon. After every turn you’ll be treated to another new crazy farm scene: in the yard, kitchen, barn or field. Finally there’s a huge fireworks show to celebrate the success of the Farm Fair. At the end you can check out your score and compare it to fellow players immediately!

Stadlgaudi Specs
Stadlgaudi 4D is built on a relatively small surface. The rotating platform has a diameter of 8,8 meters and has 5 sections: 1 for boarding and 4 crazy game scenes. Each vehicle seats 4 people. Total ride time is about 160 seconds and the capacity is 400-500 pph.

Proud of end result
Mark Beumers, CEO Lagotronics Projects, is extremely happy with the end result of the ride: “Bayern Park entrusted us to deliver the complete ride package, from design to installation. Interactive technology, devices, seats, platform, audio and video, lighting, show control, themed decoration and scenery, it’s all there! The Farm Fair story and game is completely developed in house. Something to be very proud of!”

With this ride, Lagotronics Projects shows the world again that theme parks, FECs and other companies in the leisure industry are at the right place for unforgettable interactive experiences!

For almost 40 years, Lagotronics Projects creates unforgettable memories. And still, they are your professional partner for complete interactive rides and attractions, upgrading existing rides and show experiences.  They offer countless possibilities for great new experiences for theme parcs, FECs, shopping malls, museums, waterparks and other leisure related companies.

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